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The minute you think that you may have a problem with your water pipes, call on the licensed professionals. Chase The Plumber has the tools, equipment and experienced technicians to take care of any issue you may have concerning your water pipes. Please do not wait until your home is flooded to give us a call. Let us fix the minor plumbing problem before it turns into a bad one. If you aren’t getting very good water pressure and you are getting a trickle instead of a steady water flow you have a leak in your water pipes. If you know that the water company is not out working on water lines in your neighborhood, it is very likely that you have a leak or clog in your water lines! Diagnosing and fixing a water leak can be a complicated task, but you can rest assured that we have the technical knowledge and experience to locate the issue and make the repair in a timely manner.


Slab Leaks

Slab leaks or leaks under a concrete slab of your home or business can be a big problem leading to high water bills and potentially property damage. There are several factors that play a part in the possibility for the reason a home or business develops a slab leak. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. rock, concrete or abrasive particle rubbing against the water line over time

2. certain soil composition deteriorates the water pipe over time

3. varmints or critters chewing on (usually hot side) pex water pipe


Although, this has not been scientifically proven, we have noticed in the over 24 years in the industry that countless slab leaks were in copper water lines that had an electrical grounding attached to it. We have seen it so many times, that we have formed the conclusion that the added electrical current of being grounded to the electrical system is causing premature deterioration and we always advise having an electrician reground the system using a ground rod. 

Signs of a Slab Leak

  • unusually high water bills

  • hot spots on the floor

  • water in the floor vents

  • low water pressure

  • hearing running water when all water is turned off

  • water meter dial is spinning when all water is turned off

  • water heater continually burns when no hot water is being used

Honest & Transparent Diagnosis and Repair

At ChaseThePlumber, we always strive to best explain the nature of the plumbing problems and offer an honest explanation of how we plan to go about the repair. 

   Normally, in the case of a slab leak, we first come out and do a diagnosis. At that time, we work to determine if it is a hot or cold leak and get an idea of the general water piping layout for the home or business. 

   Depending on the situation, the diagnosis can include moving furniture or appliances, making small accesses through the sheetrock to access manifolds and shutting the water on and off during testing.

   Once we have clearly defined the leaking water line, we usually offer a couple of options depending on a few factors such as the type of water pipe, the age of the home or business, the owners' preference and in cases of home insurance or claims, what the adjusters prefer. 

   The two options for repairing a slab leak are:

1. concrete penetration and repair under the concrete

2. reroute water line completely with new overhead loop

   We are able to repair the slab leak using either method, however most times rerouting is the better option because it completely eliminates the leaking water line, eliminates the sometimes very costly flooring repair afterwards, avoids the possibility of having another leak on the same line in the future and provides a new water line with easier access for any future remodeling or repairs. 

   In cases of home warranty or claims, we like to ask the insurance adjusters specifically what they prefer and will cover in the case of a slab leak repair because they all have different rates of coverage and specifications for plumbing repairs. 

If you even think you may have a slab leak at your home or business, call ChaseThePlumber to schedule a diagnosis today! 

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